TSFGeo provided geotechnical engineering and construction material testing services for the new Animal Care Adoption Facility located at the southwest corner of SW 42nd Street and SW 23rd Terrace in Broward County, Florida. The development includes a 1-story, 44,000 square foot facility, masonry structure with an associated parking lot. The purpose of the geotechnical engineering study was to explore the subsurface conditions at the site to enable an evaluation of acceptable foundation systems for the proposed construction. Fieldwork included SPT borings and BHP tests. Provided geotechnical engineering report summarizing groundwater/subsurface conditions. Provided geotechnical recommendations regarding site preparation, foundation design, floor slab, utilities, construction excavation/dewatering, flexible pavement design, and comments regarding factors that may impact construction and performance of the construction.

During construction, TSFGeo provided Construction Materials Testing, Sampling, and Laboratory Testing Services. The structure has shallow foundations, slab-on-grade, masonry walls, and metal roof trusses. Site work includes de-mucking, utility, and pavement installation. Sampling and Laboratory Testing included Modified Proctor values on structural fill, footings, slab, and backfill material; LBR tests on stabilized subgrade; Test compressive strength concrete cylinders, grout prisms, and mortar cubes for walls. TSFGeo technicians performed In-Place-Density testing on structural fill, footings, slab, subgrade, base and backfill material; conducted slump, and temperature testing on concrete; molded compressive strength test cylinders, prisms, and cubes. Additionally, TSFGeo provided earthwork observations, roof pull test, and De-mucking observation services.

The project was completed on time and within budget.