From NW 170 Street to South of Miramar Parkway, Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, Florida FPID No.: 421707-2, 421707-3, and 421707-8

Project Duration: 2014 – 2019

Performed a geotechnical study for the design and construction of Segments A&B of the I-75 Express Lanes Project which extends from just north of NW 170th Street in Miami-Dade County at milepost 3.485 to approximately 2,400 feet south of Miramar Parkway in Broward County at milepost 1.080, for a total distance of approximately 3.1 miles. The project also includes reconstruction, widening, milling, and resurfacing of the HEFT mainline from 1.45 miles south to 1.13 miles north of I-75 to accommodate the Express Lanes Median to Median Direct Connect between I-75 and the HEFT, as well as other interchange ramp connections. 

This corridor includes fourteen (14) bridge structures, several associated MSE Walls, about 20,000 linear feet of sound walls, Toll Gantries, CCTV poles, High Mast Light Poles, and Overhead Sign Structures. Provided pile design for bridges, and design parameters for sound walls, poles, and sign structures.

Provided pile driving inspections and auger cast pile inspections for sound walls, and foundation certifications for bridges and sound walls.

The project was completed on time and within budget.