TSFGeo provided geotechnical engineering, material testing, and inspection services for the Miramar Regional Park Amphitheater and Tensile Canopy Structure located at 16801 Miramar Parkway in Miramar, Florida. The project consisted of the construction of a 4,000-seat amphitheater, restroom structures, office structures, grass seating areas, and associated roadway/parking. The building structures are one-story and lightly loaded. In addition, a canopy structure is constructed over the amphitheater, supported by 2 main columns.

TSFGeo performed a peer review of the previously submitted geotechnical report. Based on the review of available information, and an understanding of the subsurface conditions, TSFGeo concurred that the site was suitable for the planned construction when viewed from a soil mechanics and foundation engineering perspective.
TSFGeo completed a geotechnical exploration for the Canopy Structure within the Miramar Regional Park Amphitheater. The purpose of the study was to explore the subsurface condition at the site to enable an evaluation of acceptable foundations for the construction. Fieldwork included SPT borings. Provided a geotechnical report that outlined the testing procedures, described the site and subsurface conditions and presented geotechnical recommendations for foundation, pavement, general site development, and comments regarding factors that may impact construction and performance of the construction.

During construction, TSFGeo provided Construction Materials Testing and Threshold Inspection Services for the project which included a new Community and Cultural Amphitheater, Covered Canopy, Back Stage Storage, and Restroom. The amphitheater has shallow foundations, slab-on-grade, CMU walls, steel framing, steel girders, and steel columns. Site improvements are included with the addition of a new parking area, drainage, and water lines. TSFGeo’s scope of services included Modified Proctor values on structural fill, and utility backfill material; LBR tests on the subgrade and base materials; Test compressive strength concrete cylinders for foundations, slab-on-grade, sidewalks, and curbs; Test compressive strength grout prisms for walls. perform In-Place-Density testing on structural fill, subgrade, base, and utility backfill material; conduct slump, and temperature testing on concrete; Mold compressive strength test cylinders and prisms. Additionally, TSFGeo provided Senior Technician to perform foundation observations and Senior Engineer to review daily reports, coordinate, and attend meetings.
Threshold Inspection Services included a Certified Building inspector to observe reinforcing steel in foundations, slabs, masonry walls, beams, stairs, elevated floors, and all inspections necessary to comply with permitted construction documents and threshold inspection plan; Threshold Engineer to review daily reports, coordination, and meetings; weekly reports documenting laboratory tests and field data to appropriate parties; and final compliance letter that all inspected work was performed as per City of Miramar, Florida Building Code, and project specifications requirements.

The project was completed on time and within budget.