TSFGeo performed a geotechnical engineering study and provided construction material testing and inspection services during construction for the Terminal 25 expansion project at Port Everglades, Florida. The construction included a 2-story expansion to Terminal 25, new site utilities, parking lot re-design, exterior canopies in the parking lot, and a new access ramp/bridge to the Midport Parking Garage. Miscellaneous remodeling to the interior of terminal 25, including a new roof is also included. The ground floor area of the new Terminal 25 addition encompasses about 24,691 square feet.

The purpose of the study was to explore the subsurface conditions at the site to enable an evaluation of an acceptable foundation for the construction. Fieldwork included SPT borings and Bore Hole Permeability (BHP) tests. Provided a geotechnical report that outlined the testing procedures, described the site and subsurface conditions; and provided geotechnical recommendations for foundation design, Foundation soil preparation requirements; Foundation types, depths, allowable capacities, and an estimate of potential settlement general site development; along with Comments regarding factors that may impact construction and performance of the construction.

During construction TSFGeo provided Auger-cast-pile installation observation; Grout testing on piles; Bridge pile inspections, and load tests; Concrete Testing for foundations, slabs, elevated decks, and miscellaneous structures; Soil testing, Proctors, LBR; Nuclear density tests on utility backfill and miscellaneous fill/backfill placement; Asphalt plant and field inspections; fireproofing inspection on roof and steel frames and beams; thickness testing of intumescent paint applied on steel framing.

The project was completed on time and within budget.